COVID19 means the world needs to start online volunteering TODAY

COVID19 means the world needs to start online volunteering TODAY

By Jared Chung, Executive Director of

March 15th, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have seen our world come to a halt as health officials try to deal with COVID-19. With online learning and work from home policies becoming the new norm, people have more time on their hands than ever before. This surplus of time is the perfect opportunity for the community to come together and give back to others. In a time of social distancing, it is more important than ever that we stay connected and digital volunteerism is a median that would allow us to do just that.

Many tech non-profits are seeing a huge increase in traffic due to recent events. Crisis Textline for instance has been flooded with users seeking out ways to cope with their anxiety over the global pandemic. has experienced a similar influx from our students. I recently reached out to our students to check in with them and see how they were feeling during this time and what I heard was that they are feeling more anxious and uncertain about their futures. Will this effect their job prospects after graduation? How do these shut downs effect their plans? It is imperative that we stand behind our students and support these young folks as much as we can. One way to do that is volunteer and give them the guidance they are seeking out.

Taking a step back, it's not only our students that affected but people all over the world. There is a NEED for us to rally together and support each other and our communities the best that we can.